External marketing—Local newspapers, magazines… you have options when it comes to advertising your salon. These more traditional advertising methods have their place, they too have their limits. How can you know how many people see or read your ad? Are they the right audience? With printed advertising, it’s difficult to manage the timing of your ad, and it’s hard to control who the audience is.

Online advertising with AdWords is not limited in these kinds of ways—you can fine-tune your audience, pick the best times to have your ad displayed, and measure the success of your campaign. AdWords allows you to get your ad in front of the right people at the right time by leveraging off the words people use to search, making your business come up when they’re actually looking. When you use AdWords, you can set it so that your ad is out there during peak times. Furthermore, you can see how many people engaged, as it records for you the number of views and clicks.

When it comes to paying for your AdWords, you pay per click, so you don’t need to consider whether the advertising that you are paying for is being wasted, you’re only spending when someone has seen it. How it works—when a person searches Google for something (i.e. salons in *insert your area*), they are met with two types of results—paid and organic. Paid results are the ads they see as a result of Adwords, and organic results are unpaid links that are the result of SEO, that have content related to what they searched for. So you simply choose the words, which people will use to search for, and when those words are used your business comes up in the search results.

Internal marketing—your Simple Salon Marketing page is the go-to for advertising to your client database. From looking up all of your clients to seeing only those who haven’t been in for some time, your Marketing page tracks it all. Send any client group an email (for free) or an SMS (for only 9 cents) with a tailored message to get them coming back. When you target market to your existing clients you increase your profitability and further encourage their commitment to you.

With an external marketing platform like AdWords, plus your Simple Salon, you’ve got power behind your advertising.

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