Here’s a myth buster

You don’t have to wait until you’re a bigger business before you use Simple Salon… Simple Salon makes you big. How about if you’re already a big business? Well, Simple Salon will make you bigger.

Even though you pay a very small monthly fee to use Simple Salon, you can easily make that fee back… PLUS heaps more money on top of that. Simple Salon works FOR you by generating you MORE business.

As little as one extra appointment a month will pay for Simple Salon

To have Simple Salon you pay a monthly fee starting at $25 (depending on how many staff you have). Your client’s average spend is most likely approximately the same amount as the Simple Salon monthly fee you pay. Therefore, to cover the cost of the monthly fee, all you need is one extra appointment a month.

Well, Simple Salon will get you that extra appointment easily. Not only that though, Simple Salon can get you loads more appointments every month.

All you need to do is use Simple Salon to send out an SMS promotion or a free email promotion (as little as once a month) and watch how many more appointments you get.

So really, you basically don’t pay anything for Simple Salon, it actually pays you.

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