It’s time you uncovered the power hidden in the Simple Salon Report List. The Simple Salon reports give you access into the behind the scenes of your business. By increasing your understanding of what’s really happening business-wise, you position yourself strategically to know how to make your salon more profitable.

You’ve most likely had a brief look at your Report List, but by the time you’re through reading this article you’ll be motivated to really go exploring. Let’s take a look at how some everyday scenarios find their solution in your Simple Salon Report List.

Have you ever found yourself pondering how much revenue this next month is going to generate? You’ve possibly thought that you can’t do that, so figured you’d just have to wait and see. Better yet, maybe you worked out that if you sit there manually adding up all of your future appointments for the next month you’ll get a rough estimate. No more of that, simply go to your Report List and check out the Client Visit Report. Change the dates to a future date range of your choice, tick Include Open, and click Go—what you’ll see is your total expected revenue. You can also filter the report by Operator, bringing up the total projected revenue figure for any specific therapist or stylist.

How about when you want to know how much each of your therapists and stylists have made? Again, simply head over to your Report List and check out the Operator Report. Using this report you’ll discover at a glance who your best operators are, as well as see a break down of the services, products, vouchers etc sold and the corresponding revenue generated. Drill further down to see what specific services each operator performed, and what items they sold.

How about your monthly sales figures—have you found yourself wondering what they are, inclusive and exclusive of GST? That’s an easy one, it’s called the Sales Report. This report breaks down everything you need to know sales-wise. Go on, go check it out.

I could go on all afternoon, but I’ll leave the rest for you to uncover yourself. Go to your Simple Salon Reporting page, then into the Report List and start getting a grip on the powerful analysis you have right there at your fingertips.

If you don’t have a business report list, it means that you don’t yet have Simple Salon. Click here to get started today.