Simple Salon has many ways to connect you to your clients. It’s one thing to connect, but it’s another to connect with them on a personal level. It’s the personal touch that keeps your clients coming back to you.

One of the ways to personally connect with your clients is via the Simple Salon Client Discount feature. This powerfully flexible feature allows you to create lots of different client discounts, each tailored and personalised to suit your client groups. All you need to do is create your Discount Types, create your various Client Categories, assign your clients to their categories, and then match up each Discount Type with each Client Category. The client discount will be automatically applied to the clients sale when you add them to POS.

Get creative with your client discounts. To get you started, we’ve come up with some ideas for effective client discounts. Don’t stop there though, as the possibilities for client discount types are endless.

For those older clients of yours, how about you setup a Senior Discount for them. Let’s say you’d like the senior discount to give them 10% off, and made available to them every day. You can do just this, as the Client Discount feature allows for regular, around the clock, client discounts.

How about your students? Let’s make them feel special as well. It’s exam time at the moment so perhaps you could encourage your students to come in for some rest and relaxation during this next potentially stressful month with a $20 off discount, just for them. Create a Student Discount for $20 off, which is only available during the month of November. The Client Discount feature allows you to set a ‘Limited Date Range’ for any of your discount types.

Another client group worth targeting are your mums and bubs. Create a Mums & Bubs Discount, which is only available on a certain day of the week. Pick a day of the week which is generally a more quiet one, and use this client discount to generate more business on this particular day each week. The Client Discount feature gives you an ‘Available On’ option in order for you to choose which day(s) of the week the discount can be redeemed. Therefore, if Tuesdays are a day which you’d like to see become a little busier, then create the Mums & Bubs Tuesday Discount for perhaps 20% off, to get more of your mums in on that day.

Take it a step further with your Simple Salon Marketing and send any of your client categories a promotional SMS or email to let them know about the client discount you have available just for them.

Click here to start using your Client Discount feature, and generate more business today.