Merry Christmas.

As I’m heading off on holiday next week (currently it’s a toss up between Paris and…Lake Eildon) I may not get a chance to check in again until the New Year so I wanted to take this chance to wish readers of the Simple Salon blog a big MERRY X-MASS from Oz.

“Merry Christmas from me!”

Whatever you are planning to do over the silly season, have fun, chill out and let your hair down. Next year is just around the corner and before you know it you’ll be back snippin’, teasin’ and pleasin’ happy customers one after the other.

Or will you?

Maybe 2012 is going to bring a change for you, a fresh start, or perhaps even what self-help guru’s and developmental coaches call ‘a complete paradigm shift’?

But what is a ‘paradigm’? Is it more than just a big word I have to look up to make sure I’m using it correctly? Yes. Basically ‘paradigm’ means model; how we see the world, or work, or almost anything can be seen as our paradigm for it.

So why and how should or can we change it?

Well, if how you view the world and work is working for you, and you don’t want anything different from life, then you don’t need to change. But if, on the other hand, you dream of creating a new life, one of less work, more fun and more satisfaction and inspiration then maybe it is time to change your model.

That’s were Simple Salon can help.

One of the main reasons the guys who developed our mobile salon managing software did so was to take the headache out of running a salon. By streamlining all bookings, sales, marketing updates and supplier interactions, Simple Salon leaves you, the creative force behind your solo or smallish (or biggish!) salon free to do what you do best: create.

We know there’s so many amazing cutters out there we’re even thinking of running a ‘Most Creative Cut’ of the week/month post next year, just to see some of the fabulous handiwork our creative clients are conjuring.

But if you’re not yet using Simple Salon then you won’t yet appreciate the joy which comes from having all your business in one easily accessible (and portable) place, and of the freedom to be more creative this fosters. For you perhaps the easiest ‘paradigm’ shift to make is to simply give Simple Salon a try. You might be surprised by how a simple, clear system for keeping track of accounts and bookings can invigorate your business.

On the other hand, if you ARE already a happy Simple Salon user, maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. With the extra time and mental space using Simple Salon gives you why not start visualizing the next step for your business. The holiday period is the perfect time to free-associate and dream big about what the coming year might bring.

If you agree with me (and Shakti Gawan, Dr Wayne Dyer, Oprah etc…) that what you concentrate on expands, what are you going to concentrate on in 2012? What are you going to magically manifest through affirmations of thought?

And you can forget New Years Resolutions, I’m talking about having a vision you can stick to. In fact why don’t you stick your vision up somewhere you can see it.

With that in mind my present to you is this little Christmassy tree jpeg below. You might like to print it off and decorate it with whatever affirmation—whether a word or a picture (you might stick David Beckham in the middle)—you wish to attract into your life in 2012.

Here’s your tree (aka The Tree of Boundless Wishes and Endless Abundance).

Here’s some examples of what you might write inside:

In 2012…

“I have more clients than ever before.”

“My business is thriving in new and unexpected ways.”

“I paid cash for my Porsche.”

Now I don’t know what car you might personally prefer or if you even care about such things as fancy wheels to cruise to your new beach house in, but whatever you want to spend your wealth on, Simple Salon will be there to manage your growing business. Every step of the way.

Even while we’re all on holiday.

PS. Weenie says ‘Merry Christmas’ too. He also asked me to tell you that however he might have been portrayed by me in my previous post, he’s not really a prude at all.