Choosing the Right Salon POS System for Your Business

6 Key Considerations

We know that managing a salon takes a lot of work, and if there’s anything you can do to make it simpler, we’re sure you’d jump at the chance! Investing in a salon POS system that best suits your business can take a lot of stress out of your day-to-day tasks including bookings and sales.

When you’re shopping for the very best POS system for your salon there are a few key considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. These are the factors we reckon are most important when it comes to shopping for a salon POS system.

1. Make it user-friendly

There’s no need to overcomplicate things and your POS system should make things more efficient, not the opposite. A user-friendly interface should be a top priority to ensure that all your staff can quickly wrap their heads around the new POS system without too much training.

You may want to look for different features like intuitive navigation, simple item entry and straightforward checkout processes. If you have an easy to use POS system, you’ll save time and minimise errors, who doesn’t love that?

2. Look for salon management tools

The best salon POS systems on the market don’t just do basic transactions – they should integrate seamlessly with a range of other salon management tools. Think appointment scheduling, inventory management, employee scheduling and marketing. Streamline your businesses operations and have everything you need on the daily in the one place!

3. Multiple payment options

At the end of the day, POS systems are made to have one primary function – payment processing. When picking out a POS system you want to make sure it has multiple payment processing capabilities. Some of the ones you should definitely look for include mobile payments, credit cards and cash, you should also ensure it has the ability to split payments. Keep your clients happy by offering a range of patent options, they’ll thank you – trust us.

4. Consider stock management

Keep your salon fully stocked without even lifting a finger by choosing a POS system that integrates with your inventory management systems. Stay on top of your stock levels, reorder popular items and set automatic stock alerts if you’re running low. The easy peasy way to keep those shelves stocked and your customers happy.

5. Connect with the cloud

It’s a digital age, we all know it, and having access to your salon’s data from anywhere in the world could give you a serious leg-up in the business world. Choose a POS system that allows you to monitor and manage your salon’s performance when you’re on-the-go, with all the information you need at your fingertips, even if you’re on a tropical vacay.

6. Keep it secure

When you’re dealing with sensitive customer data, you want to ensure the best of the best security features – no one wants to be embroiled in a data leak scandal. Look for a POS system that has end-to-end encryption, secure login processes and regular software updates to keep the security features up to date. Protect your customers’ data and your reputation by investing in a POS with solid security features.

How can Simple Salon help?

At Simple Salon, we stay on top of the game when it comes to the very best salon management technology in the biz. Chat to us today and get started on creating the streamlined salon POS experience of your dreams, a stress-free salon POS system is just around the corner, we can feel it.