Many of you have been asking for more details about Slick. We’d like to announce that our Online Booking partner Slick has launched their brand new website!

To get you warmed up and ready to take a tour of this hot off the press site, let us remind you of what Slick is all about.

Slick allows real-time, around-the-clock booking and the chance to advertise empty slots, pushing off-peak and last-minute appointments to generate more revenue. Customers can quickly fill in last-minute cancellation or empty appointment slots, keeping your business running at capacity.

Being a part of Slick, your salon is searchable and listed based on your location and services, opening up your business to be discovered by customers who may never find you otherwise. It even provides your existing customers an easy way to get a booking.

Now you’re ready. Here it is, the Slick website.


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.36.48 PM