Next time a new client walks through the door, sit them down with a coffee and hand them the iPad. While you get back to finishing off, tidying up and preparing your space for your new client, your client is relaxing with their coffee and entering in their personal details via your Client Capture Form.

The Simple Salon Client Capture Form will capture all relevant details for your new clients. The form will capture details like first name, surname, contact number, email, postal address, birthday, client category; as well as give them the option to enable themselves for SMS/Email Reminders and Promotions. When you get your new clients to add themselves in via the form, it is more likely that the information will be accurate, opposed to the staff doing it on behalf of the client and running the risk of spelling mistakes or missed details. It also allows you to be free to do whatever needs doing in preparation for their appointment.

The Client Capture Form allows your new clients to take selfies and upload it to their client card. When they come in give them the iPad, and why not hand them a selfie pole as well. Is there such a thing as an iPad selfie pole? Not to sure about that one, but you get the drift. Leave it up to your new clients to capture their own details, and they can take some selfies while they’re at it.

Are you ready to start capturing some new clients? Click here to get the Simple Salon Client Capture Form on your tablet.


Note: The Simple Salon Client Capture Form is compatible on any tablet, smartphone or device.