Big Bang Theory snippet from ‘The Precious Fragmentation’ episode…

Penny (as barkeeper): Ok Sheldon, what can I get ya?
Sheldon: Alcohol
Penny: Could you be a little more specific?
Sheldon: Ethyl alcohol… 40 millilitres.

Hi, my name is Jyselle (aka Simple Salon Member Manager) and one way or another I attempt to bridge the gap between two polar opposite worlds… Beauty and the Geek.

I find myself somewhere in the middle of these parallel universes learning both unique languages in an effort to create a beauty and the geek mutual understanding.

As I evolve both alter egos I’m thinking more like a beauty (your world) and thinking more like a geek (Simple Salon computer guys)…what do you even call this combo? I’ll get back to you when I figure it out, but all I can say is… BOOM, a force not to be reckoned with. I’ll build you a computer whilst free-hand highlighting your hair balayage style for a delightfully fresh sun-kissed finish!

How can I paint this another way… okay I’m indulging in a skinny latte as I type, so let’s think coffee! So you’ve got your roasters – it’s their job to take various single origin beans from different parts of the world and mix them up for an all rounded complex blend. You want the aromatic beans of Ethiopia and the fullness of the beans from Brazil to get that sort after eclectic blend. I’m kind of like a roaster if you like… I take the complexities of the Simple Salon geek world and the intricate creativeness of the beauty world and I make sense of its unique flavour. I am here to speak your language…and theirs. I am evolving and fine tuning the middle man.

This will be where I get to enlighten you with my profound insightfulness from time to time… lucky you! So without further ado here it comes….

Jyselle’s Simple Salon Tip #1…

I am asked this question all the time… “How can I see a full list of my clients in Simple Salon?” – this is a big one because if you can do this then you have the catalyst for new business right there at your finger tips. You are looking for the ‘Show All Clients’ tick box in the ‘Client Marketing Report’. Tick this and there you have it… $$$! You’ve just sent all of your clients an SMS or Email telling them about your latest promotion… as if they are not picking up the phone right this second to book in!… “FREE Balayage Highlghts When You Choose Jyselle As Your Colourist”… (you’d want it to be free because I may have slightly exaggerated earlier on)… but you get the idea.

For some this may have been quite the paradigm shift… But there you have it – Simple Salon can, and most definitely should, be used as a business tool for generating more business… Simple huh?

Til next time…