This week we’re featuring our super cool add-ons—Xero, Campaign MonitorMailChimp and Stripe. Our add-ons are powerful extensions to the already incredible functionality within Simple Salon. Our integration with these programs gives you simple, but powerful, ways to keep your business on top… anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to the shoe box of receipts“—Xero is your go-to in accounting software, and just like Simple Salon, it’s online—they’re a perfect match. Your sales figures are sent automatically from your Simple Salon account into your Xero account at the end of each day when you run your End Of Day session. You know how you can jump on your phone or tablet anywhere to touch base with your Simple Salon, well you can do the same with your Xero—see your data, figures, and real time results anywhere, anytime. Your accountant can also login to your Xero to provide you with valuable advice any moment you need it. Get yourself a Xero account, then click here to see how you can connect it to your Simple Salon.

Elegantly simple email marketing“—you can create and send emails directly from Simple Salon, but the integration between Simple Salon and Campaign Monitor enables you to take it up a notch and swiftly build and design incredibly attractive email campaigns. Send them to your clients, and measure the success of your campaigns with comprehensive reporting—see where in the world your emails are opened, how many are opened, and how many clicks the campaign had. Get on board with Campaign Monitor, then click here to see how you can integrate it with your Simple Salon account.

Send better email“—MailChimp is another email marketing platform, which connects to your Simple Salon. It works the same way as Campaign Monitor—with one click you can export your client list from Simple Salon into MailChimp, from there create and send visually impacting email marketing campaigns, then track your campaign results to fine tune your marketing techniques. If MailChimp is more your thing, get yourself an account, then click here to connect it to your Simple Salon.

Payment infrastructure for the internet“—connect with Stripe and your clients can pay you anywhere, anytime, and from any device (yep, we do like our anywhere, anytime… it’s all about the remote control of your business). Take credit card payments directly from your Simple Salon POS page, as well as via your Online Bookings site when clients book online. Sign up for Stripe, then click here to see how you can connect your Simple Salon account to your Stripe account so that you can start getting paid anywhere.

If you find yourself wanting any of the above, click here to get Simple Salon first, then simply add on the rest.