It’s bound to get a whole lot furrier in the salon this month now that Movember is upon us. Get your salon on the band wagon and capitalise on the viral momentum of this well established Men’s Health Campaign.

During the month of November, and particularly at the end, there will be lots of hairy men getting around in need of some serious grooming. Why not put it out there that your salon is armed and ready, clippers on hand, to take on these fuzzy faces. Get it out there with a promotional Movember email campaign, specifically targeted at your men.

If you are using your Simple Salon to record gender in the personal details section of your client cards, then you can send all of your males a Movember Email Promotion via the All Clients option in Marketing—use the Gender filter to get a list of your males. If you’re not recording gender, no problem, send the email campaign to All Clients, as there will be plenty mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends out there who will receive your email and tell the boys in their lives about the alluring Movember Email Promotion you have waiting for them.

As to what kind of offer you’d like to extend to your boys, that is up to you. A free moustache groom with every hair cut is a good start, or perhaps the other way round—a free hair cut when they come to you to get that furry face of theirs groomed. 

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