“I can’t believe it’s December already!” SPECIAL

Have you said that yet this year? Or heard someone else close to you express just how close we are to Christmas and the holiday period—and the end of another year.

We were watching a YouTube video recently—a few days ago, way back in November!—with one of our favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre (Check out funny man, Michael’s YouTube clip HERE) and reckon he nails it—right on top of the Christmas tree. Yes, we all go a bit silly around this time of the year.

Cries of “I can’t believe it’s November!” turn into “I can’t believe it’s December!” as we struggle to come to terms with another year almost done.

Whether it’s the thought of having to buy presents for third-cousins-twice-removed-on-your-step-mother’s-side, or the niggling reminder that we dropped the ball on our well-intentioned resolutions for the new year almost over, the month or so leading up to the holidays can be a time of anxious anticipation.

7 Days of Christmas—our present to YOU!

So, to help ease the impending stresses of the silly season we’ve got a present for you.

As a way of spreading some extra early Christmas holiday cheer we’re bettering our normal special of a 30-day FREE trial, doubling it down to offer 60 days FREE for every new sign-up to Simple Salon from today until 24th December—the 7 days before Christmas (and a bit).

Because as close as we are to the end of 2019 we’ve still got a bit of work to do, right? And Simple Salon can also help you get extra prepared for an extra awesome 2020?

The 60 days FREE trial includes all extensive features of Simple Salon software, which can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Whether it’s the simple task of booking in a new client, sending a reminder text message to a regular or allowing new customers to discover your business and book themselves in online through our fully integratable online booking form, Simple Salon is a powerful tool to manage and grow your salon business.

Better get cracking—Christmas cracking! Sign-up for your special 60 days FREE trial TODAY!


Give yourself a present and start managing and growing your salon business with the fully featured world popular salon software, Simple Salon.



  • Online Bookings. Simple Salon’s Online Booking is the best and simplest platform to use for you and your clients.
  • SMS Reminders. Perfect for generating business and stopping no shows.
  • Tablet & Smartphone Compatible. Work from wherever you are.
  • Walk-In Manager. Because not everyone books.
  • Keep track of your Clients. Detailed client info = more custom = better business.
  • Rostering & Wages. Take care of your team and keep them informed.
  • A Loyalty Program. For keeping customers coming back again and again.
  • Xero integration. For accounting ease.