Everyone is loving Slick and we’re super excited to release some new features to you based on your suggestions and feedback. Introducing three new updates to make your Slick experience even more seamless—Automatic Markup for Service Prices, SMS and Email Booking Alerts and Double the Time to Accept. In addition, we have another exciting new feature which is coming very soon—Pay at Salon. Read on to learn about how each of these new features work.

Automatic Markup for Service Prices

Now you can automatically mark up your normal salon prices for sales made via the Slick App. For example, let’s say you would like to charge $10 for an Eyebrow Wax in the salon, but $11 for the same service when it’s booked via Slick. There’s no need to change the price of the services in your Simple Salon account, instead, you can simply add a markup percentage to your services in Slick. In this case the markup is 10%, however, you can make it as much or as little as you like. Click here to see how this new feature works.

SMS and Email Booking Alerts

We’ve made it easier for you to manage how you receive booking alerts. Simply enter an email address and/or mobile number to receive the SMS/email messages which alert you to new bookings made via Slick. Click here to see how this new feature works.

Double the Time to Accept Bookings

Many of you have said 30 minutes is not enough time to accept a Slick Booking! We have listened and doubled it to one hour! Never miss a booking again, you have an entire hour to accept a booking.

COMING SOON — Pay at Salon

We have received many requests to allow your clients to make a booking without paying upfront. Very soon, your clients will be able to pay for their Slick booking when they visit your salon. The choice is yours. You can choose to take the payment upfront via the app, or when the client is with you in your salon. Stay tuned for more info.